Election Day

November 7, 2006

Thank goodness, it’s election day. No, not because I get a chance to voice my opinion and choose who I’d like in office. I already did that. Early voted last Friday. The reason why I am so glad that election day has finally arrived is because I am SO TIRED of seeing all those political campaign commercials on TV. It has been driving me batty. This year seemed especially bad for some reason. A lot of local mud slinging. And the worst ones of all weren’t even ones I could vote on! I live on the extreme east side of Arkansas, and the majority of the stations we pick up are actually out of Memphis, Tennessee. So we got the opportunity of listening to Harold Ford Jr. and Bob Corker undermine each other for the past who knows how long. Like I care! Oy. I’m all for getting involved in who gets into government, but I could really do without the “so and so didn’t pay his taxes” and “so and so visits playboy clubs.” For cryin’ out loud, let’s at least be adults about it. Sheesh. So I am so very happy that today is the last day we will have to listen to this mess, at least for another year.


2 Responses to “Election Day”

  1. Don said

    Want to let me borrow your p90x nutrition guide for a couple days? I have all the videos and am three weeks in but no nutrition guide.. I know this is a long shot.. This program is kicking my butt but I love it… Keep it up!

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