the good, the bad, and the ugly

October 23, 2006

The Good – I had a great weekend. We went to a college football game Saturday night and had a blast. Greg brought his uncle along and I brought Devin along. Everyone had a great time. Me and the people around us really got Devin into it. He’s all excited and wants to go again.

The Bad – Last week I managed to acquire to wounds, which I am now nursing. One is my left knee. Feel square on it on a patch of concrete while trying to move a utility trailer. Now I can’t put direct pressure on it. Which means that doing things like pushups is out of the question (girlie style, anyway). Also, on the weekend I pulled something in my right forearm which now hurts a little. So no hard labour. I think I might have done it shoveling compost. I don’t know.

The Ugly – My diet went right out the window over the weekend.  So now I gotta try and get back on the wagon yet again. I weigh in tomorrow morning. Just hoping I don’t see another gain.


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