trying it again

October 17, 2006

Today I will strive yet again to start up my weight loss plan. After the last failure I just threw up my hands again for a little bit. Now I weigh even more. I am definitely overweight and am headed straight for obesity if I can’t put a foot in my arse now and stop this. I promised myself that would never happen. But here I am.

So I started my nutrition plan back up this morning, and this afternoon I will exercise again. Here goes nothing. I’ve been thinking I might ought to start food journaling again, to keep track and hold myself accountable. I also need to tailor my exercise plan to be mostly cardio, at least until I lose a good 20 lbs. Then I’ll do some more serious lifting.

Today’s food so far:

Banana, egg white omelet w/onion, mushroom, and mozzarella, two slices turkey bacon, glass of 2% milk. Altogether that was about 600 calories. Big breakfast, but that’s the way I like it. Eat lots early and slow down throughout the day.

Exercise for today will be one of my dvd’s. I have the option of doing kenpo karate, core synergistics, plyometrics, or cardio x which is a combo of the others. Whatever I feel like doing, I will. Monday thru Thursday will all be cardio. Those are the days I am very good about exercising. Friday I will devote to weights since some Fridays I exercise, and some I don’t because I’m busy uptown. That way, if I miss it, it won’t be a vital cardio workout that I’ve missed. Hopefully that will work better.

Here goes nothing. Wishing myself luck…


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