Winds of change

October 3, 2006

If there is one thing in my adult life I have learned, it is this….never get settled into the way things are going. Because once you do – snap – it all changes on you. The past few years have brought all kinds of changes for me, seemingly in every way, shape and form. This year has been true to form again. Here lately the changes have been both seen and unforeseen. The change from me working to staying at home was a planned one, of course. It was unforeseen, however, that the events surrounding the boys and their mother wanting to take them back would take the turn they did. Yes, we still have them, but it looks like it will only be til the end of January at the most. And now, there is another working in the system which might even bring that to a reality sooner, except in another fashion, which I can’t divulge on quite yet. And then there is the problem with my husband’s job. He said the way things are going there, he will probably not have a job within two years, possibly one. We have always lived comfortably on his wages. It’s scary to think that may vaporize into thin air, especially after I chunked my job in August. He’s already talking about me getting my CDL license and us hitting the road. I don’t know about all that, but we are definitely going to have to start looking at something different. So again, looking into the future, all I can see is that within the next year or so, everything is going to be totally different again. Whoever said the only constant was change was totally right.


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