what kind of love

October 2, 2006

It is wonderful when the things you study take place in reality. I have been studying through the gospel of John the past couple months and am at the point of the last supper. It is in this passage that mention is made of the disciple who leaned upon Jesus’ chest at the supper table. Many people make fun of this, but to me it is a beautiful example of the love between the Master and one of His followers. An unconditional, all encompassing love, that breaks all boundaries and doesn’t care what others may think.

I got a taste of that on Friday. I always go down to the school on Friday to eat lunch with Devin and Gavin. I enjoy eating with them both. Gavin usually is really antsy, though. He’ll pick at his food. He’ll slide up and down the table seat. He’ll be looking all around. And when he does finish eating, he is ready to go back and sit with his class. I know he likes me coming down and bringing lunch, but he usually is more wrapped up in what’s going on around him than in seeing me. Devin is a different story altogether. As soon as he sees me, it’s a hug. Then he eats, and talks, and talks, and talks. When he is through, he will settle down and sit beside me until his class is dismissed from the lunchroom. Last Friday he was laying up against my chest as we were talking. I watched as the classes were dismissing and I commented that his should be leaving soon. He looked up at me and said they had already left. He would have been content to lay there until the lunchroom had emptied, even at the expense of wasting precious recess time. What kind of love is that? It is a love that I cannot fully express in words and which I cherish completely. My only hope is that he feels the same love from me in return.


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