What ever happened to…..

September 29, 2006

…the normal life?These past several days have been crazy. Last Friday was my normal go to town day. Fine. Saturday we decided to go to the big rummage sales event in Germantown,Tenn. That took all day. And that evening we spent visiting with kin. Sunday was church day. Monday we found ourselves out of town again to take hubby’s mom to the hospital. She’s up in age and has been having a rough time time lately. Physically and mentally. On Tuesday I had to go to court as a witness to an accident that happened at my place of employment three years ago. That sucked. I did not like being on the stand, and I don’t think I did a very good job of it either. Oh well, it is over now.

Wednesday and Thursday turned out to be normal, thank goodness. So I started my diet and exercise regimen. I’m not one for starting in the middle of a week, but I didn’t want to wait any longer. I have gotten fat and I am sick of it. Here’s to getting back down to 125 lbs. That is my goal. Diet is pretty well on track. Wed I did a cardio workout and yesterday I worked out shoulders and arms. Felt good. Now to get through the next 90 days…..

Today I am doing my errand running again. Got everything done except groceries. Can’t do that until after I eat lunch with the boys. In my spare few minutes, I am up here at the library typing this. Get it in when I can, I guess. Sure haven’t had time to post at home. Maybe this coming week will be a bit quieter. Um, then again, I have 11 rabbits fixing to give birth within the next three weeks. I shall be busy anyway. And then there’s the kitchen waiting to be painted……*sigh*.


One Response to “What ever happened to…..”

  1. Stacie said

    11 rabbits ready to be fixed? Are you kidding? That will be a lot of lil’ rabbits running around. Not sure how you do it all. Impressive.

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