I fought the law and….

September 21, 2006

….the verdict’s still out. lol. Okay, so that’s not how the song goes. Maybe I should have entitled this, oops I did it again. I got a call yesterday from an attorney’s office. I’ve been subpeonad (?) to court. I’m no stranger to the court system by any means by now, what with the continuing battle over the grandbabies. I’ve been in court as both defendant and plantiff and am scheduled to show up again concerning them in January. But this is different. This time I show up as a witness. A couple years back there was an incident at my workplace where an elderly woman crashed through the wall and injured my employer. He was never paid by her insurance company for either medical compensation or to cover the cost of fixing the building. So he took it to court. Now, after all this time, the trial has come up. I’m not particularly thrilled about going, but at least I know that once I say what I saw, I’m done. I hope I’m in and out of there real quick. *Crossing fingers.*

On another note, I’m going to have to get the law involved in yet another matter today. Over the weekend my youngest grandson Landin was bit in the leg by the dog while visiting with his mother. The dog belonged to a neighbor and has evidentally bitten other people. Ex-dil said she confronted the owner who showed her papers that the dog is vaccinated and properly cared for. When she asked the woman what she was going to do about the dog, the woman said she’d take it to the pound on Monday. So I call on Tuesday to check and no one is available. Called again yesterday, and the dog had not been brought in yet. Called ex-dil and asked her about it. The woman still has her dog. So I told her to give the woman a warning to get it taken care of, or I would. Today I call again, and if the dog is not at the pound, I will have it picked up and am filing a complaint against her for harboring a vicious animal. I will not have my grandchildren in that kind of danger, especially while in the care of someone who obviously doesn’t pay attention to what they are doing.

It’s always something…..


2 Responses to “I fought the law and….”

  1. Jo said

    always is, isn’t it? really sucks. Is da baby ok?

  2. Stacie said

    Good luck with everything. Never had to go to court except for a 1/2 day of possible jury duty.

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