Changed my mind?….

September 20, 2006

I have every right to do that, right? It’s like this. I was supposed to start the c25k this week. Sunday night it stormed and it continued to rain all day Monday. So yesterday even though it was sunny, the atv trail was still definitely too wet to run on. There are a couple low spots which will probably take a few days to completely dry out. I don’t do mud, so I will have to wait. In the meantime, I pulled out my p90x exercise dvd’s and did one yesterday. Did one geared toward muscle training just for the heck of it. Next thing I know, I was sitting down and figuring out my 90 day p90x schedule. So yeah, c25k has already hit the dust. Well, not completely. I am still hoping to do some a.m. wogging at least 3tx a week, if Landin will cooperate by playing nicely in the back lot. We shall see.

I did a shoulders and arms workout yesterday. I love weight training. There is an immense difference between my running love and my lifting love. I fell in love with running after a lot of hard work and proving to myself that I could actually do it. It was a love/hate affair for a long time. But it was a challenge, and I am always up for a challenge, and not one to back down. Lifting, on the other hand, was more like love at first sight with no holds barred and no looking back. I have never been able to get enough of it. Funny to say that and then to realize I haven’t done any weight training at all for over a year now, and no hard core lifting on my weight bench for a good two years. What on earth happened to me along the way? Well, I know a lot of what caused my slacking, but life still moves on. And I must do something to shed this flab.

So, here is my p90x schedule. I have changed it somewhat (yeah, quite a bit) from the actual schedule. First thing I did was dumped yoga. I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t stand yoga. So I booted it out. Also, the lean schedule calls for the lighter weight training dvd’s to start out. I went ahead and put the big daddies in. I’ve done them all before, and I know I can handle them. So here is what it looks like for the first three weeks:

Monday – Core Synergistics (cardio session w/core emphasis)

Tuesday – Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps

Wednesday – Cardio (mixed bag of yoga, kenpo & core)

Thursday – Chest, Back

Friday – Kenpo Karate

Saturday – open (depends on schedule; hopefully wogging)

Sunday – rest

Getting my nutrition set up too. All the exercise in the world does no good if I’m eating wrong. Going by the p90x nutrition plan also. Next week I will begin in earnest, and I will update each Monday. In three months, I am going to be a buff mama again. Or at least I won’t look like a marshmallow anymore 😛


2 Responses to “Changed my mind?….”

  1. Stacie said

    I wish I had the motivation and push like you do, however when the scale hit 140.8 yesterday and today and I look a flabby I think I found the motivation to eat healthy – been slacking majorly since getting back from vacation Aug.1..

    Good luck – I will be checking in on you – hopefully once we get to Oklahoma I can get into a routine again.

  2. Jo said

    Can you send some motivation this way! I’ve been talking crap about getting to the gym for months now. Still nothing. I have a wedding in March!!!!!

    Are these the DVDs you bought last year?

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