Good holiday

September 6, 2006

Labor Day was a bit of a surprise, but it went well anyway. Kids arrived back at the house at 8:30 a.m. At 10:00 we hauled all our cookout junk down to MIL’s house. I walk in her front door and hear a weird noise below the living room floor. Devin gets down and says ‘can you hear it, it’s water!’ I said how can you not hear it? It was really loud. Well, I go outside and tell Greg to come listen. He goes in, then comes back out and starts pulling the skirting off of his mom’s house. Sure enough, there’s water spewing everywhere. Major leak. So he had to turn her water off. Kinda hard to have a big family cookout with no water for cooking, cleaning, using the bathroom, etc. So guess what? Yep, it got moved down to our house. We hauled our stuff and her stuff down to our place, and then I had to do some mad cleaning before people started showing up. Aye aye aye. It went off without a hitch, though. Lots of good food with family. Can’t beat that. Even managed to get most everyone to take stuff home with them so we wouldn’t have a pile of food to deal with. And not much cleanup either since we used paper/plastic everything. Really can’t beat that! Next holiday up – Thanksgiving. Can’t wait 🙂


One Response to “Good holiday”

  1. aydiosmio said

    heyyyy! lady! sorry i’ve been MIA! love your new spot. i have one too here on wordpress…shhhhh don’t tell no one! LOL….my alias is aydiosmio…i’m sure you’ll figure out who i am.

    glad to see all is well with the boys and greg. are they loving school?

    talk to you soon. Ooh check your email

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