Long weekend

August 30, 2006

Note: I wrote this post yesterday and somehow managed to hit the wrong button. Let’s try this again….This past weekend turned out to be a long one. Gavin’s nose started swelling on Thursday. By Friday it was huge. We took him out of town to a specialist. He said it was an abcess inside the nostril, and that Gavin would have to be put on IV antibiotics. He spent the whole weekend in the hospital. Poor guy. I got the pleasure of seeing him get the IV put in (horrible), and also to hold him down when they took blood and sprayed medication in his nose. That boy is a screamer to the nth degree and not one for pain or blood either. It was rough on both of us. He’s doing better now. They let him go yesterday (Monday) afternoon. His nose is still swollen right at the abcessed area, but not near as bad as before. Doctor said it will gradually go away. How many more things will these kids go through? It stresses me to see them stressed like that. Well, we’v made it through this round anyway. Next round please stay away for a while.


One Response to “Long weekend”

  1. Frannie said

    I’m keeping you all in my prayers amanda. *big huge tight hugs* God bless you and protect you and the family!

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