Casulty of War

August 23, 2006

In the past three days, I have been stung twice by red wasps. Sunday evening I got my arm up in a nest and Tuesday evening I managed to unknowingly put my finger in another nest. All this in the name of getting my yard cleaned up and claiming it as my own again. @#$% bees. If it was any other bee, there wouldn’t be a problem. I can get right up in a swarm of dirt daubers and never be touched. But those red wasps are downright mean. Come anywhere near their nest, and they will come out and chase you. Poor hubby destroyed the nest I put my finger in, but he got himself stung on the foot in the process. Ugh. I’m going to try my best to watch where I put my body parts from now on 😛

On another battlefield, Devin informed me Monday night that “I should not have done Landin that way.” What way? Seems the boys’ mama over the weekend told them that Landin should have been put into Head Start, and that I was wrong for keeping him at home. Hello! I’m sorry, but to me 3 years old is a little too young to send a kid off with a bunch of strangers all day long five days a week if it’s not necessary. I have nothing wrong with daycares and preschools for people who need them. But if you are a sah-mom or dad, why are you sending your kid off somewhere at that age? It isn’t right. They are still in need of that parental care and guidance. Besides, in a year’s time I can teach Landin more than they’d ever dream of teaching the kids in head start. To be honest, head start did nothing for either devin or gavin. It was more of a babysitting service than a learning institution.

It’s amazing how dependent we’ve become on these pre-schools. Nowadays, it seems if you’re not sending your child off at the earliest possible age, then you are a terrible parent who is not interested in their child’s education. Bull-pooey. My mom and dad both worked full time jobs. I went to a sitter practically from babyhood. I never stepped into a place of learning until I was five years old and started kindergarten. And back in those days k-garten was only a half day. Did I suck in school due to a lack of early childhood education? No. In fact, I was an A/B student and I also went through four years of college. There was only one simple thing that was done to prepare me for school. My mother made it a point to read to me. That’s it. Just sat down with me and read books. You don’t need a preschool to do that. You just need to train yourself to spend time with your child instead of spending it all on yourself.


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