First day of the rest of my life

August 21, 2006

Today I officially begin my hopefully permanent retirement. Even so, I won’t be home much. I have a half a million errands to run today. It’s the first day of school, and that makes up the bulk of the things to do.

 First stop is to pick up Landin at his mother’s. That whole situation sucks. Went to court last week and mama ended up getting better visitation rights which actually allow the kids to be with her at her home on a school day (friday) and to send them off to school on Monday. Landin is only 3 so she has to bring him to me. I just told her I’d pick him up since I was going to town anyway.

Second, stop at DHS office and tell the kids’ caseworker I am now unemployed so that I have a better chance of getting 100% medicaid coverage for the boys again. Not really worried about it. Got 100% coverage last year with both myself and hubby working.

Third, go to walmart and get supplies. Kids need a couple more things for the first day of school. So I gotta pick them up this morning.

Then it’s off to the school. I want to talk to both Devin and Gavin’s teachers to explain the visitation situation and express my concerns. I will not have their mom ruin their education because of her ignorance like happened when Devin failed his first year of kindergarten. That will not happen again so long as I have any say in the matter.

I’m also going to eat lunch with both boys today. See how things are going and make sure they are properly clothed and got enough sleep the night before. Hopefully my worries will be unfounded.

Lastly, it’s a trip to the store for a few groceries. By that time it’ll probably be about 1:30 pm. Come home, put Landin down for a nap and probably take a short one myself! lol. Start making supper about 3:00, and be at the bus stop at 4:00. Man, today is sure gonna fly by.

Until tomorrow….

BTW, I see you found me frannie! Hugs to ya, girl. Sounds like you are doing great!


One Response to “First day of the rest of my life”

  1. Frannie said

    Of course I found you girl!

    Wooohooo now you will also have a little more freedom for yourself as well girlie. You need that. Make sure you get some “you” time, k? I love you! 😉

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