Blessing From Above

August 11, 2006

5:45 a.m. The alarm goes off. Time for hubby to wake up for work. He hits the clock and nudges me. “Hear that?” I say no, got my earplugs in. He says, “It’s raining.” I smile. Then I tell him that yesterday afternoon when we got nothing but a 30 second sprinkle, that I prayed to God for MORE. That a sprinkle wasn’t enough and could we please have a good rain. He answered 🙂

We haven’t had rain in ages. It rained once in the beginning of July. That’s the last I remember. I think it also rained only once in May and June. Even April seemed drier than normal. It’s been like living in a desert. Temperatures have not helped. 90’s all summer long. And the past few weeks have brought several triple digit days. Hard on everyone and everything.

 But oftentimes we have not because we ask not. People do a lot of complaining, myself included. Maybe if we’d just ask more often, things wouldn’t be so bad sometimes.


One Response to “Blessing From Above”

  1. Frannie said

    OOh I like this! I have this link up now if thats ok?

    Thank you for always showing me love amanda, I always smile when I open up my mail or comments and see something that you’ve written. You lift me up! 🙂 I love you as a sis in Christ. Thanks for being there for me.

    *xoxo* God is soooo good girl! He hears everything that we wish, desire and ask for.

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