3 Day Vacation

August 10, 2006

Have yesterday, today, and tomorrow off. Not really a vacation. The baby sitter went out of town to see her son graduate from boot camp or something. I basically told the boss I wasn’t in the mood to go sitter searching and that I wouldn’t be coming in. What could they do? Fire me? lol. I only have one week left. Then I will be a stay at home wife and mamaw. Devin and Gavin will start school (1st and K), and Landin will stay at home with me. It should be interesting.

 I will just be glad when next week is over with. On Wednesday I have to show up in court over the kids. Looks like this hearing is going to focus mainly on the boys’ mama trying to get better visitation rights. We ordered her to take a drug test before we make any concrete decisions. I just want it to be done with. But I know that after that, there is still the matter of the custody case itself. Blah. This stuff never ends.

Today we have to go uptown to get haircuts. Not me, just the boys. Whoever cut it the last time did an awful job. I’m going to get them cut short SHORT! Plus, I think it’s time for new shoes for everyone too.

Off to do the morning chores…..


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