Juice Fast – Day 12

June 30, 2006

Weight – 145.2

24 hr loss – 1 lb.

Total loss – 13.2 lbs.

Log – Is this really day 12? Okay, so I thought I was a little further along than that 😛 Anyway, saw another pound lost this morning. What I did differently yesterday was 1) I ate a banana for brekkie. That made me “go potty” about 11am. Out with the old! lol. Plus 2) I took in more cals yesterday than I have been the past few days. One or the other, or a combo of both, led to another pound lost. Let’s see, at least two more days on this diet. Possibly as many as 5, depending on how holiday eating goes, if it goes at all. The 6th I will definitely be back on solids. So anywhere from 2-5 more pounds, if I’m lucky. It’s not really where I wanted to be heading up to PA, but it’s a whole lot better than where I was. So I will be content with it. For now…


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