Juice Fast – Day 9

June 27, 2006

Weight – 146.6 lbs.

24 hr loss – 1 lb.

Total loss – 11.8 lbs.

Log – I can’t believe I’m on day 9 of this. The first few days I really didn’t think I’d make it through. Of course, dumping the juicer for store bought made a drastic change, but still. Non-solid food for any length of time is an odd concept to me, unless of course one’s jaw is wired shut. Not too much longer. Five days, to be exact, until the holiday. And then maybe one or two days after. Maybe. If I manage to hit 139 by Monday, I may just let it go and just eat light foods all next week. Fruits and veggies. Then on vacation, I’ll do as I please, in moderation of course. Looking ahead, I know I will gain this weight back once I start eating solids again. But I really am going to try and be good and eat right from then on out. There will still be no exercise schedule through July and most of August. So if I watch what I eat, maybe that will keep me from gaining all the weight back. And by September I will have started my walking program with little man Landin. I will be pulling him around in a wagon 30 minutes each day. I think hauling a 3-1/2 year old behind me will be a pretty good workout. We shall see.


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