Juice Fast – Day 8

June 26, 2006

Weight – 147.6

One week loss – 10.8 lbs.

Log – 11 pounds in the first week is not a stellar weight loss at all. But then again, I am not doing this by the book, so I can't exactly expect stellar results. I am very happy, however, that I weigh that much less than I did. And I am crossing my fingers this week that I will lose at least 8 pounds more. I might actually fit back into my size 10's by then and not have to worry about buying a new wardrobe just to go on vacation. My body has finally become accustomed to not eating solids. I am not going batty anymore around food, or anything else that can be gnawed on. This week should go well. There was only one day over the weekend I lost less than a pound. That was Sat morning. But Sunday morning I lost 1.4 lbs. Yeah, and that was after eating solid food on Sat. I only ate a small salad. And it was totally nasty. Just lettuce and tomatoes, no dressing or fixin's. It was at a diner that didn't have a proper salad bar. I hate those places. That may be what turned the solid food craving off. lol. Shouldn't have any problem getting through this next week. Monday will be a day off – if we cook out. If not, then I will continue the fast. I will also fast on the 4th, cuz I work, and it will be a way to thwart what I ate the day before 😛 I may also fast on the 5th. But the 6th and 7th I will definitely have to start eating solids again. I don't want to be messed up when we leave for vacation that weekend and not be able to handle anything besides fruit and veggies. So, my goal is to be down to 139 by the 8th. If I watch myself, I believe I can do it. Go me! 


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