Juice Fast – Day 5

June 23, 2006

Weight – 150.8

24 hr loss – 1 lb.

Total loss – 7.6 lbs.

Log – I have reached the crucial point. In the past 24 hours I lost just one pound. From here on out I will have to continue losing one pound a day. If at any point that stops, I will revert directly back to fresh juicing of fruits and veggies to try and kick start myself back into the weight loss.

There is already a snafu on the horizon. Tomorrow hubby and I plan on going out of town for some much needed supplies. If so, he will most likely want to stop and eat somewhere. If he does, I will have no choice but to eat. So I figured I could slide by by making sure we go to a place that has a nice salad bar complete with fresh fruit. I will be taking in the same stuff essentially, just in solid form. I will also have to be careful on the quantity I eat, as my body has already become accustomed to not having the strain of processing solid food. Aside from that, I realize eating out Sat will equate to a weight gain on Sun due to solid waste needing disposal. But if I do fresh juicing on Mon hopefully that will even it out.

Turns out this will not exactly be a 21 day fast. I checked my calendar again this a.m. We leave on vacation July 8. I already want to be back to solid food by then because I know we'll be eating out up there. So I'll have to give my body a few days of accomodation back to solid food. Plus there's that 4th of July holiday coming up. So I figure this. Juice fast right up  the holiday when I return to work (I work the 4th, have off the 3rd). That would make my last juice day July 2. Now let me see…that means I have 9 days left, and of course, tomorrow I may have to fudge also. To be honest, that looks like a possible loss of only 8 pounds more probably, if I stick to it and my body cooperates. I've lost 7.6 already. That would put me at just over 15-1/2 pounds. Not nearly as much as I would like to have lost. But heck, it's better than nothing. I'd rather go on vaca- at 143 than 158. Still wish I could have made it under 140, though. Sigh. Maybe I will have to incorporate some drastic measures next week. We shall see.


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