Juice Fast – Day 4

June 22, 2006

Weight – 151.8

24 hr loss – 1.2 lbs.

Total loss – 6.6 lbs.

Log – 3 things I'm thinking about that I will address in this post:

1. bowel movements
2. pasteurization

3. V8 V-Fusion

#1 Bowel movements. The only reason why I even bother to post this is because it is relevant to a juice fast. The thing about a juice fast is that you are taking in virtually no fiber. Thus, the bowels do not move. However, BM's are a crucial part of a juice fast because that means the colon is being cleansed of toxins. So how do you make yourself go? Two ways. For those who are wholehearted juice fasters, for purposes of detoxification, who do this the absolute right way, they take some kind of colon cleansing pills. Otherwise, if one is half assing it like me just to lose some weight, then taking psyllium husks usually does the job. I didn't start that regimen til Wed morning. Prior Tuesday I did not have a BM. Wednesday I had two small ones. So I guess it is working. However, I am not certain yet that I'm taking in enough husks. I put a big whopping spoonful in my 4 oz. of yogurt this morning, and we'll see what happens. If I don't feel like it's enough, then I will put another whopping spoonful in my juice this afternoon.

#2 Pasteurization. I did a little more looking around on this. Mainly to see if I was totally messing myself up by going from fresh juice to store bought. The main reasons why things are pasteurized are to kill off any harmful bacteria that might be present in the raw juice and to preserve the juice (i.e. give it a much longer shelf life). Now, here's the bad things that happen during pasteurization. First, the juice is chemically altered during the heating process. So that obviously is not good. Because the chemical makeup is now not natural (I think, don't ask me to explain that, I'm not a rocket scientist). Two other things happen in this process as well. Nutrients are lost, and digestive enzymes are destroyed. Okay, so we've all heard that cooking your veggies makes them lose their vitamins and minerals. Well, same goes for juice. During pasteurization, the juice is heated up to a pretty warm temp, and there go all those vitamins and minerals. Byebye! And as for the enzymes, they are what help our bodies digest the food. If they are not present in the food, then our bodies have to work even harder at digestion because the body will have to produce the missing enzymes itself. So basically, by drinking store bought juice instead of fresh raw juice, I am putting more toxin into my body, losing out on nutrients, and making my body work harder at digesting. Phooey.

#3 V8 V-Fusion. I picked this up at the grocery store yesterday. Was not sure what to expect as it is a blend of fruit and vegetable juices (yes, pasteurized). But I was so sick of the juicer, I had to do something. Anyway, can I say I was really surprised? The stuff I bought was strawberry banana. And it tastes exactly like one fell into a vat of strawberry juice. Very pleasant taste, if not a little too much on the sweet side. I mean it almost tastes too good to be healthy. Hmmm….. In theory, this is a great idea to get people taking their veggies. And from what I've read on the net, evidentally alot of people do this both themselves and for their kids who won't eat veggies. So is there a down side? Or something to make me wonder? Sure. Number one, it's sugar packed. No, no sugar is added, it's all natural. But come on. Even natural sugar can be destructive to the body if too much is consumed. You can get just as fat on bananas as junk food if you are constantly eating them. So that is a problem. Also, that plays into the whole insulin level deal, with weight gain and such. Again, I am no rocket scientist, so I'm not going to explain that out. Another thing that caught my eye was what type of fruits and veggies were used. Here is the list for the strawberry banana flavor: carrots, beets, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, strawberries, bananas, oranges, white grapes, apples. These are only the most sweetest kinds of both fruits and veggies! These are the produce that have the highest sugar content. Thus the sweet taste and the 42g sugar per 12 ounce bottle. There wasn't anything green in that list. Coincendence? Uh, unh. None of the three flavors contains any green veggies. In fact, there is very little difference in the varieties used except whatever the main flavor is, and whatever fruit/veggie is used to make the change in color (i.e. yellow maters as opposed to red for the tropical blend). So as healthy as this stuff is touted, I don't really think it's a valid exchange for broccoli, salad greens, and etc. 

So, where does that leave me? Well, I've decided I will continue on the store bought juice until such a time as I stop losing weight. At that point I will make another attempt at the juicer. Maybe by then I can get some pointers, or at least buy a fine strainer to get that pulpy jazz out. All I'm asking is a pound a day from here out. Once that stops, it's back to the fresh raw gag me stuff.  


One Response to “Juice Fast – Day 4”

  1. joseph said

    Drink Carrot juice in between V8 fusion; take cares of fiber and bowel movement in 24 hours for me..

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