Juice Fast – Day 3

June 21, 2006

Weight – 153 lbs.

24 hr loss – 2 lbs.

Total loss to date – 5.4 lbs.

 Log – Another night from hell last night. Went to bed on an empty stomach again. Woke up this morning with said stomach being tore up. I popped a couple L. acidophilus, hoping that would calm it. Drank some water, and later had apple juice for breakfast. Came to work this morning with about 4 oz. of lowfat yogurt. No, yogurt is not a liquid, and no, I'm not supposed to have dairy. But screw it. I needed something to put those psyllium husks in. I don't think 4 oz. of yogurt is going to mess me up that bad. I stopped at the gas station for a grape juice. Yes, I'm buying juice now. I will get to that. I also got a water here at work to dilute the juice. At lunch time, I am going to shop around to see where I can get vegetable broth and V8 splash. Wal-nasty should have both.

About the buying stuff. After last night, I pretty much have completely had it with the juicer. As healthy as it is, I can't stand drinking that pulpy stuff anymore. This morning I chunked everything that I had previously juiced. Going to do it on store bought stuff instead. Not as healthy, and definitely not touted by many in the natural health field because bottled juices/broths are pasteurized and defeat the purpose of detoxification. But I'm more concerned with the weight loss than the detoxification. I just gotta watch and make sure I don't put myself on a sugar high with an unbalanced amount of fruit juice to veggie juice. Even though it's natural sugar, it's still sugar, and too much could keep me from losing weight.

I'm going to do a little more research this morning and see what else I can come up with. One thing I know, though. A body gets very used to shoving stuff in its mouth and eating. I haven't chewed anything since Sunday night, and it's driving me batty. If I didn't know better I'd probably start gnawing on my fingers. lol. But yeah, sometimes it's that intense. I'd do anything for anything solid. 18 days to go……. 


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