Juice Fast – Day 1

June 19, 2006

I'm going to post about this here just to have a tangible way to look at how this goes, and to monitor my progress. I am embarking on a 21 day juice fast. It began today, and will end just before vacation time. This is my last ditch effort to drop some weight before traveling north to see my folks. I have never done a juice fast before, so it should be interesting. It's probably not the best endeavor I've undertaken, but it's definitely not the worst. I just hope it works. And I will take every precaution not to let it become unhealthy for me. So, we begin…

Day 1:

Weight – 158.4

Log – Began the day with some sweetened lemon water. No, not supposed to sweeten it, but blah. I'm trying. Had some apple juice for breakfast. Brought to work a big jug of the lemon water and a pint of home juiced veggie juice. It is almost lunch and the pint is almost gone. I'd drink it faster and more of it if I actually enjoyed the taste 😛 I gave pure veggies a try, but it looks like I'll probably be mixing fruits and veggies most of the time just to make it more palatable. At least I'll say one thing. Who would have thought I'd have carrots, tomatoes, celery, cabbage, spinach, onion and bell pepper all in one day? lol. I also brought a pint of broth with me for lunch. Just a change for something hot, more like a soup. Kinda. Only without all the stuff in it :/ The broth came from the veggie pulp that was left over after the juice was squeezed out of them. I put the pulp in water and boiled it down. Can you believe the broth tastes better than the actual juice? It does. It looks like I'll have the juice and the broth finished off not long after lunch time. After that it's lemon water for the rest of the afternoon. When I get home I'll make myself some fresh fruit juice. After a day of veggies and lemons, I'll be wanting it! So far, things are going smoothly. Whenever I feel hungry or thirsty, I drink. I was tired this morning, but that was from lack of sleep last night. I actually feel pretty refreshed right now. Will see how things go this afternoon, and possibly post back again.


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